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Good afternoon dear friends! Today we have prepared for you a very interesting online geography test in Thailand. In the world, Thailand is known as a tourist state, but believe me, this country has other virtues and historical facts.


#1 What is the capital city of Thailand?


#2 Thailand’s land area is roughly the same as Spain.


#3 What city in northern Thailand is translated as “New Town”?


#4 Which continent is Thailand located in?


#5 Which country does not border with Thailand?


#6 The largest religion in Thailand is Buddhism.


#7 What is the most common language spoken in Thailand?


#8 Thai is the original name of Thailand.


#9 What is the currency in Thailand?


#10 Plaifah is a girl’s name in Thailand.


The sights of Thailand are known all over the world, and some interesting facts from the history of the country are puzzling. All questions from the test are based on reliable facts that you probably didn’t even know about. Many who visited this Asian state, on excursions will learn almost all the answers to the questions posed, so tourists today have a clear advantage.

Thailand is a country with a very deep history, which became the property of the whole world when, during the Vietnam War, American soldiers stopped in Pattaya for the purpose of rest. From that time began the history of Thailand as a tourist state.

The winner must answer correctly at least 7 out of 10 questions.

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