Best life insurance for Thailand

life insurance for Thailand
Travellers buys insurance policies to go to Thailand on holidays at will. They don’t need ’em necessarily to get visa to Thailand unlike the trip to the Schengen countries. People buys better policies for themselves, not horrible. Thailand is among the countries with a large number of diseases and accidents with tourists, so this approach to business is quite justified.

life insurance for Thailand

1) Insurance police from the company ERV (Euro-Center Holding Assistance) is the best life insurance for Thailand. Almost all travellers using this life insurance feels good.You can and you should take it, at least for a child! The excellent life insurance for Thailand and Asia now. There are a lot of insurabilities. They are the only ones now who cover accidents during alcohol intoxication, it is important on vacation. The price is not the lowest, but everything will be fine definitely.

Pros: There is no multiplying factor for children due to age! The insurance contracts includes such events as exacerbation of chronic diseases, sunburn, dengue fever, assists even if you are intoxicated, there is luggage insurance, emergency dental care. The only ones who normally insure pregnant women (the best insurance) and provide newborn care. There are a lot of options and events. By the way, if you initially see life insurance with payment amounts of $ 100k, then ERV policies will be cheaper than Allianz, keep this in mind.

Cons: cost, especially for the annual insurance policy. The insured payment amount is at least $100’000, if this can be attributed to the cons. There are bad reviews, but this was due to the purchase of several annual insurance policies in succession, which contradicted the rules of insurance. Many hospitals themselves says that it’s best to work with ERV policies.

life insurance for Thailand

2) Polis AXA Premium (AXA Assistance) is slightly inferior to the obvious leader. This is the single life insurance that gives the right to choose the hospital. It’s main drawback – for Thailand, you can issue no more than 21 days. The above insurance policies is the best for Thailand, but also one of the most expensive (note that there are much more expensive policies, but much worse).

Premium pros: Priority vip-service. Possibility to choose a clinic. A lot of default options are included: active rest, motorcycle accidents, sunburn, allergies, Dengue fever, civil liability for $5000, accident for $1000, round-the-clock consultation on Skype, WhatsApp.

Cons: For Thailand, Premium contract only is available for 21 day only. There are restrictions on the number of days of insurance.

life insurance for Thailand

3) In the middle price range there is only one good choice. Allianz (Mondial Assistance).

Pros: low price. The medical insurance includes Dengue fever, emergency dental care, riding a bike without cost increase, allergies and chronic diseases. Policy can be bought while traveling. And you could buy this insurance policy secondarily. This is sometimes necessary when you already have annual insurance policy and it ends in the middle of a vacation.

Cons: do not include sunburn, although it is easier to prevent than to apply. In general, simple life insurance programs without a lot of options. The main disadvantage is a threefold cost increase for children.

life insurance for Thailand

4) If the policies mentioned are not suitable for the cost or other characteristics, you can consider the Tripinsurance policy. Insurance with Tripinsurance’s own assistance, which in fact means that they signed contracts with several assistants, including Mondial, to direct you where would be better. The positive reputation of this company lasts is not for one year.

Pros: insurance payment amounts: 250’000$, 500’000$, 1’000’000$. The exacerbation of chronic diseases is covered up to 3’000$, dengue fever insurance, doctor on call, riding a bike by default. They are not afraid of publicity, their representatives are at all forums, where you can draw attention to your situation and solve it. You can find out at which hospital the patient will be sent at one or another city. There is a free service “Doctor online”.

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